Cyb3r Hunt is a scavenger hunt game. The story has some interesting sci-fi elements and as you can imagine, you must solve puzzles to move forward. Some puzzles are quite challenging and have a CTF (Capture the Flag) vibe to them. It also reminded me of Ready Player One, which was nice because I had finished the book just before starting the game.


I’ve recently finished my quest, so I wanted to share some thoughts on my whole experience (don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers).

For the impatient, this is the short version: The game is amazing!!! Play it now!!!.

For more detailed information, please keep reading.


Previous knowledge

You’ll need some operating systems, networking and programming knowledge (web development and general programming). Previous experience with steganography and Pokémon can also be handy. The good news is that you don’t need to be a demigod in any of those categories if you are willing to research and learn new things.


Although you can do all the challenges on your laptop or desktop, I would recommend setting up a cloud VM. There are two reasons for this:

  • You’ll need to install a lot of stuff. Personally, I felt more confident doing this in a throwaway machine.
  • You’ll need good IPv6 support. WSL2 and VirtualBox don’t support it well (or at all) and I spent a lot of time trying configurations and workarounds that didn’t work.

You can choose a very small instance and you won’t need it during the whole adventure, so it shouldn’t be that expensive. Just in case, IPv6 is probably not included in the default template so you’ll need to configure it. For instance, this article helped me setting up IPv6 on my Azure VM.

Operating System

I used a combination of Windows, WSL2 and Cygwin to solve the challenges, but it felt very clunky. If you have a Linux workstation, I presume you’ll have a smoother experience.


Your mileage might vary based on your experience and intuition. Just be warned that the game has a lot of content. In any case, it’s about having fun and it doesn’t matter if it takes you 5, 15 or 30 days to complete it.

Game Chapters

CHAPTER 0X00 - The Oven

The goal of this chapter is reaching the Oven’s Management Console, and the most important skill is knowing how to use your browser Developer Tools, because most puzzles revolve around web technology.

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but it’s also important to read the hints that are available in some puzzles.


Besides hints there are also clickable items named “Flags” and “Advice” as you can see in the following screenshot. Flags will be explained later and, as the names suggests, “Advice” provides some tips.



CHAPTER 0X01 - The Garden

You’ll spend most of this chapter trying to find the credentials to reach the garden’s Management Console. Most management consoles also offer some sort of simple challenge.


I personally found this chapter very interesting because there’s a creative mix of old internet protocols and new privacy and anonymity focused protocols.

This is a good time to point out that chapters are self-contained and that you don’t need to backtrack to previous chapters. There are very few cases in which you’ll need an asset from a previous chapter and the game will explicitly tell you.

Finally, I would recommend taking time to read a wiki that you’ll find along the way.


Chapter 0x02 - The Dairy

Just like in the previous chapter, you’ll need to use old and new internet protocols to solve the challenges in the Dairy.

I had some serious doubts that Yggsadril would work on Windows, but it actually worked very well.

By the way, this is how this image should look like. If you are seeing a mess, sacc is a good option. And don’t bother trying these extensions:

Gopher site


Chapter 0x03 - The Mine

Proxy tunnels were my nemesis during this chapter. As usual, now that I know how to use them, they seem easy. 😃

One piece of advice, you don’t need this chisel.

There’s also a very nice git repository puzzle. You’ll need to discover information that is hidden inside the repo.



Chapter 0x04 - The Farm

This chapter had one of my favorite moments. Some characters join IRC and provide information in an interactive manner. It’s really well done and executed. Kudos to the writer for making me fall in love with Amy. ❤️

If you need an IRC client, HexChat is a good choice.

You’ll also need to download a big file using BitTorrent, so plan accordingly (it took me some hours because there was only one seeder).


Chapter 0x05 - Final chapter

This chapter reminded me of Matryoshka dolls. You’ll need to decode payload after payload to reach the final message. It’s a good and clever steganography display.


Unfortunately, I can’t provide screenshots of the most memorable moments in this chapter because it would ruin your experience. But I wasn’t expecting them, and they were amazing.


The End

There are two endings. The good news is that the decision point is close to the end so you can go back and make another choice with little effort. I’m glad about the first choice I made because that ending was better for my taste.

Finally, It’s not over until it’s over. 😉


The Scoreboard

This is optional, but if you want to submit your progress you’ll need to submit the flags you receive along the way. It’s documented here. Here’s a flag example.


When you submit your first flag the game will give you a token. It can only be used once and it’s for a specific flag only.

Despite multiple warnings, I managed somehow to lose one token so be careful. The solution was to submit all my flags again as a new user and ask the developer to delete my previous one. Fortunately, the developer was very friendly and helpful.

Don’t lose your tokens!!!


There’s a Lemmy forum and an IRC channel if you need support. Check this page for contact information.

As mentioned earlier, I used the IRC option to contact the developer and it was a very good experience. I also had some nice interactions afterwards when I reported a typo and a potential glitch. Regarding bugs, remember that other players have completed the adventure, so if you are having trouble the most likely explanation is that you are missing something.

Anyway, if you need help don’t hesitate to use the support channels. It’s also a good idea to join the IRC channel because you’ll be informed if the game is having technical difficulties.

Final thoughts

I had a blast playing this game!!! I love solving challenges and learning new stuff, and the game delivered beyond my expectations. The story is good, and the quests were challenging but never felt too frustrating. Besides that, the game gave me the chance to discover niche internet protocols, interesting steganography techniques and useful tools that I might use in the future.

Give it a try!!!

Thanks for reading!!! 😃